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Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

G70 offers the highest degree of car body rigidity in its class by increasing the average strength of the body, expanding the use of structural adhesives, and strengthening joint structures. It reduced the weight of the hood, front bumper beam, engine room strut bar, and package tray center panel by using aluminum and maximized passenger safety with a body structure that effectively absorbs shocks in the event of a collision.


Aerodynamic Performance

Ground clearance, vehicle height, rear glass angle, and the height and slanting of
the trunk have been carefully fine-tuned. In addition, a full length under cover that
shields the lower part of the vehicle minimizes air resistance and delivers best-in-class
aerodynamic performance (drag coefficient of CD 0.29).

  • Drive Mode Control System

    Drivers can switch between Comfort, Eco, Sport, Smart, or Custom driving modes according to personal preference or driving situation. G70 offers exceptional driving and riding comfort by optimizing power distribution for each driving mode.

  • 8-speed Automatic Transmission / Shift-by-wire (SBW)

    A 2nd-generation rear-wheel 8-speed electronic automatic transmission with improved weight and efficiency renders a sophisticated response and smooth transmission. The Electronic shift-by-wire lever is light and compact, and a cushion-like finish on the top of the knob offers a comfortable grip.

genesis g70 features performance power train 01 me


A low-to-mid-speed twin-scroll turbocharger, electric CVVT, and continuously operating VCM generate high torque even at low speeds, balancing drivability and silence to maximize driving pleasure.

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A middle phase air intake CVVT system and twin-turbo with an integrated exhaust head and electronic thermostat render the dynamic driving sensation of a high-performance sports sedan.


7″ TFT LCD Cluster

The engine oil temperature gauge, torque gauge, turbo booster gauge, lap timer
(shows the best and the 3 most recent lap times), and G-Force (shows the current top,
bottom, left, and right gravity acceleration or G values) can be seen through the cluster
which also amplifies the enjoyment of high-performance driving with differentiated content.


Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS)

Driving stability and ride comfort are achieved simultaneously with shock
absorbers that adjust damping force according to road surface and driving conditions.

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Brembo Brakes

To deliver the differentiated image and overpowering driving performance of a high-performance sports sedan, G70 is equipped with Brembo brakes, offering superior quality and braking performance.